Cosaw – global warming

Global warming is one of the major problems which affect our world. A highly industrialized society accelerates global warming, with factories that are production vehicles, cars we use in transportation, and deforestation. Global warming is the fault of modern society and we are not innocent. We continue to pollute seas and other habitats. Nature can not find an untouched land.

Both flora and fauna, many species are on the verge of extinction, if not already gone extinct. We even feed our pets with hormonal supplements. The most terrifying effect happens in oceans. We kill marine life by pushing the possibilities of our technology. We catch and destroy even the smallest of fish. We destroy the eggs at the bottom by scanning the sand. We have to put an end to this or else, the results will be devistating for us.


I present this project as a final warning before these horrifying scenarios bring us to the point of no return. Every citizen should be informed and made aware. For example, if we prevent the premature fishing and consumption of fingerlings,  they will have a chance to grow and reproduce, preventing extinction of species.

The bilboard was designed as an interactive design. When every individual gets a sticky note, the fish will disappear completely, letting it show everyone the horrific possible of a dead sea.
The design is prepared in contents such as corporate identity and website. 


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