Bauhaus- Package project

Redesigning a Package project – School project –

Bauhaus – School project –Redesigning packages for a brand (Bauhaus)

Bauhaus was a school which created new trends in architecture, design and art in the 20th century. By bringing together the world’s most distinguished and contemporary architects and artists, it created not only an educational institution but also a place where production centers and artistic content were discussed and discussed.

Named after the famous modernist, Bauhaus,  is a retailer of household/outdoor goods and appliances. Basically the brand takes products from the manufacturer and sells these items to the end user by offering a variety of options.

Devas stores, which have many shops like Bauhaus, want to make productions under their own name. To strengthen the users’ recognition of their brand by unique packaging, they want to build customer trust, thusly making it possible to have a greater share of the market.  

I designed the repackaging project here, and at the same time,  I updated it by re-launching it on the Bauhaus logos. 

(October 2011 / School project – redesign of the package project)


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