Book cover and magazine design

Book cover and magazine design

Reading is the best pasttime activity and a nice habit for o es who want to be informed and learn more. The cover and page designsof a book are almost as important as the content. Because the cover of your book is the first thing that leads the customersbto it. The books that appear different are more likely to be purchased. In fact, the book covers should be about books content.

The right to lazines, is a classic book. It’s about the idea that people have the right to rest as much as they work. I tried to reflect this idea on the book’s cover design. With a soft outer coating which looks like a duvet cover, it can also be used like a pillow when one is in need of an immediate relaxing time. 

The book Servants of Hell is about a series of events that unravel like a puzzle. You put yourself in place of the antagonist and read in one go. And what if,  you could also see your face instead of the antagonist This is also a mirror for women to refresh their makeup.



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