Bottle Package designs

Package designs are very important. Sometimes even the form of a bottle might look appealing enough to make you want to buy that product. Or sometimes, you buy because it looks different than all the other products.

Every product package design you receive should address you. It’s a must for the design to be complementary to the product. For instance, trying to sell water to someone who wants a bottle of juice, is like making fun of that person. Package designs should be like this:

  • Product protective content
  • Self-narrative product
  • Must be noticed on the supermarket shelf and the consumer should attract the  consumers 
  • May contain small sample products 


The world is built on balance. There are cold and warm days, day and night. If you interfere with these, nature will be damaged and when this happens, it also will harm human beings as well.
Only 4% of our water resources on the planet are drinkable.
I designed a bottle that tells us we have these resources. When the water runs out, you find a. photo of a desert letting you ponder on the value of the water.

A long time ago beer was being used instead of safe water. Because of alcohol, bacteria did not grow in it, so people were able to drink comfortably and they did not get sick.
Today, beer is drunk at social events, after hours while having fun with friends often as a way of relaxing and to help forget an exhausting working day.

Beer has this way of making you  feel refreshed and energized (this is why the battery shape).
It should not be left in daylight, the bottle should have a dark color or the beverage should be in a tin container.  Beer might be even tastier when some snack accompanies it.



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