Away from GMO

Obesity and unhealthy diets are increasing nowadays. It is true that chemically buffed food produced with artificial aromas are the cause for increasing  obesity rates. Researchers are saying that the speed of food production is not enough for sustaining all of the human population.

Vegetation is forced to grow fast with artificial fertilizers or made possible to grow by altering their genes, instead of growing under natural conditions. By feeding us these genetically modified products,  which play a dangerous role in damaging our bodies and hormones, food production technologies endanger our health. 

New genes which are results of an engineering process are called genetically modified organisms. The first GMO was made in 1972 by Paul Berg. GMO is not an innocent incident, but there are researches that have given people a hard time. Nowadays, GMOs are accused of imbalance of the hormonal system and causing allergies and obesity.

In my project to produce a corporate identity design which tells children about Gmo possible  damages, I created a character. Since the project is for children, I considered a game might be more welcome to build bridges. Because children can gain more experience while having fun. 

I wanted to target the children between the ages of 4-13 and their parents so as to educate them and make them aware of the dangers of GMOs. 


The game is one section. If you want to play here is the link: 



(May 2012)
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