Poster Design

Poster design

Since the smartphones and tablets have taken over, poster design is said to be a type of outdated design. Actually this is a quite the wrong conviction: It’s changing and adapting to technology.  Posters usually work vertically but in digital format, like popup ads and banners which can also be horizontal, this adaption of poster design is also proven.  Today,  it can be said that the popup ads we see when we open a website,  or a banner,  are another type of poster design.

In addition, many shops, workplaces and exhibition areas use poster designs for information purposes. Poster designs are advertising products that are never out of date.

Today the fast pace of our everyday lives does not allow us to linger on idly so the posters we see, should be impactful and catch our gaze. In poster design, the 3 seconds rule also applies. The message that you give is so influential that what an onlooker sees in 3 seconds is actually what remains in their memory.







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