space-tip2 Game project

The objects you use for the day, the roads, the work / school you went to, the forks you used while eating, the events in history, why did people make them? How did this phenomenon we call civilization occur at first? Where did people come from when life evolved on Earth? Are there other worlds in space? Are there smart life forms out there? Science will answer these questions.

    “space-tip2” Game    .

It takes place in the era of a civilization’s development process called, Kardashv scale II.
There are creatures that can travel between planets. Each planet has different life forms and their inhabitants are extending their life cycle by replacing their limbs with robotic equipment.
The game contains bionic alien life forms, like bionic humans. It aims to promote an attraction for living in space.
While humanity is advencing in science, horizons show other possibilitiesWe are curious about the possibility of life on the ground or other worlds for our futureOur aim in the game is to capture different species, to use them as our soldiers. Having many species os one of the objectives and lets the player become more powerful. To consolidate the worlds, create a gigantic society by using the possibilities of proportion

The Kardashv scale is considered as a scale that determines the level of civilization. There are 3 types of Kardashiev Scale,

  1. World- (could not enter the list)
  2. Kardashv I
  3. Kardashv II – (The game goes here bionic and robot combining characters)
  4. Kardashv III (Star Wars’)

In the game, the players will have to choose their path through mutation and technology to fight or flee. The human body is the cyborg of racial or zero-gravity former human space residents; The players have advantages and disadvantages with every choice and action they make. (February 2015)


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