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    what is animation

    Animation is a moving image that is obtained by showing several images in rapid succession. The first animations were made by drawing the desired images on a few sheets of paper and quickly swapping the paper or turning it into a circle. Today, computer technology allows both vector and pixel-based animations. Animation films can be categorized into techniques commonly used in 3D, 2D, stop motion, cut-out, etc. Animators are artists who specialize in creating animation. The analog media (including cel animations) and digital ones like,  animated GIF, Flash animations and digital video formats, can be captured on a motion picture film, video tape or on a totally digital format. Animation…

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    what is a symbol

    Letters, words and shapes that express a common idea, concept or meaning. Some things that are difficult to understand through the sensory organs can be made understood through symbols.  It is used in mathematics, chemistry, country flags, etc. It has been used as coat of arms since ancient times in the kingdoms. Today, companies have symbols that indicate their identity. Logo designs are made using symbols and texts together. Thus, the identity design of the company emerges. Different logos refer to different companies. The design of a symbol is done in this way: requests ☞ name ☞ idea finding ☞ skech drawings ☞ regulation ☞ approval  ☞  final state Logo designs are…

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    effective color design

    We call it the reflection of the light coming from the surface. There are three main colors. Yellow, red and blue. The definition of intermediate colors consist of blending the primary colors. If the rays falling on the surface are absorptive, they appear black. The reflection of the rays of the sun on the madden, the view is white. We live our lives with colors and they affect our mood and lives through our psychology.   Psychological Effects of Colors A color can trigger negative feelings such as stress, anger, impatience and distress, while at the same time anither color can create an environment of peace, happiness and comfort. Red;…