what is digital design

Digital design, as its name implies, covers a wide range of content digitally created by graphic artists on computers such as the visual content you see on phones, tablets, computers and web pages. It is not on paper but on a screen and RGB color codes are used.
The main areas of digital design are:

Web design

Web sites are usually set up for companies,  serving a variety of purposes. For example, shopping and product service promotion, etc. 

Application design

Applications are the products we use in our devices such as tablets or phones.  Different brands have different platforms and designs are made according to each platform. 

Digital drawing

This enters more in the artistic field. Artists utilize digital media to create an art work. The advantages of digitazing your drawings might be:

  • A resizing of the work can be done easily, 
  • It can be printed on different objects

There are more possibilities to store the work compared to a canvas. 

IPad magazine designs

Newspaper and magazines are contents that are published daily, weekly. Also on the internet, they have other contents such as animations, games, animated graphics. It is widely consumed and popular.


It is usually used to create small and short moving images and ensures that an object is made interesting by making the content movable.  The aim of the animation is to convey the idea in a playful way.

Video graphics

It is divided into short and film. There is a very large area that covers a wide range from tv series to cinema films or entrance animations. It is animated content that can be created by bringing images side by side.


Every frame shot with a camera can not be perfect. Squares passing through the digital arrangement have more visual content






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