effective color design

We call it the reflection of the light coming from the surface. There are three main colors. Yellow, red and blue. The definition of intermediate colors consist of blending the primary colors. If the rays falling on the surface are absorptive, they appear black. The reflection of the rays of the sun on the madden, the view is white. We live our lives with colors and they affect our mood and lives through our psychology.


Psychological Effects of Colors

A color can trigger negative feelings such as stress, anger, impatience and distress, while at the same time anither color can create an environment of peace, happiness and comfort.

Red; It is the color of the self-confidence. It attracts attention due to its vitality. Used in food logos. Fastfood companies use it indoors in restaurants; when our brain perceives red color, blood flow is accelerated in our bodies. It will disturb you so you want to leave sooner.

Blue; a color that expresses physical comfort. It is a peaceful color because it creates infinite dimensions such as the sky, the sea, and the ocean, leaving the boundaries behind. It has a relaxing effect. It makes us feel good to look at tones of blue in sea and sky. 

Pink; A color usually worn by little girls. In this respect, it’s reminiscent of confections.  A color that gives happiness.

Green; Spring time. Relaxing color. The green plains, valleys give us peace and security. The number one color used in bank logos. Also, energizing color.

Yellow can contribute to your sadness in its connection with autumn. It’s a remarkable color with strong vibes. For this reason all the taxis are yellow. Most fastfood brands have plenty of yellow in their logos because of its remarkable features.

Purple; Precious stones and fabrics used by wealthy people and royalty since antiquity were purple. It speaks of wealth and luxury.

Orange; A color that is preferred by self-confident people. It’s easy to notice. Symbolizes being energetic. It has an appetizing effect.

White; Purity, cleanliness, goodness, peace and friendship symbolize. In this respect, white pigeon, white flag, is considered a symbol of peace.

Black; a dominant and authoritarian color. It is used in corporate identities. A color that you can find as standard on every printing press.


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