Yonca (clover) – Package project

De Stijl was born in 1917 in the Netherlands. It is used to indicate the work of a group of Dutch artists. De Stijl supporters are struggling with the spiritual harmonies and a new utopian ideal of order. As pure works and advocates of universality, forms and colors have reduced the base, their works consist only of the main colors with horizontal and vertical lines, black and white.

Today, many of the package designs we see on supermarket shelves are very similar. For instance, designs on water bottles and labels (similar plastic bottle, label, colors, image of a mountain, etc.)

For my product, what I wanted to achieve was,  my response to the designs of existing dairy brands. By choosing the De Stijl, I wanted a challenge; to show that it’s quite possible to  make complex things with simple objectsI was also looking for a way to carry this style to the typeface I designed.

This simplified style can also be followed by animation ads in the ad section.

(February 2011)

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